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Baby Hedwig: When your Cousin Picks out your Halloween Costume

So if you know my nephew Parker, you know he lovessss Harry Potter. The boy believes he is Harry Potter as a matter of fact! So it comes as no surprise that for Halloween this year he will be none other than Harry Potter. He has also taken it upon himself to delegate to each family member a different Harry Potter character. Little Laikynn has been assigned Hedwig, Harry’s owl.

Now, trying to find a baby owl costume is quite difficult so instead of ordering offline this momma took to needle and thread and created a DIY owl costume.

The materials I used were:

    1. A white long sleeved onesie
    2. 2 pieces of white felt
    3. 1 piece of gray felt
    4. White thread
    5. A white baby hat
    6. 1 pair of Googly eyes

I drew and cut out a pattern for feathers using a regular piece of paper. I then traced feathers onto one of the white pieces of felt and one of the gray pieces. Next I cut out the feathers. I then laid the feathers onto the front of the onesie in the pattern of my choice. You could totally lay them on the onesie in whatever pattern that suited you possibly with all white feathers in the middle outlined with the gray instead, give it a personal touch. I then pinned each of the feathers in place. Next I took my needle and white thread and sewed each feather onto the front of the onesie. You could probably use hot glue if you would prefer instead of sewing, however, I wanted to make sure the feathers stayed on for all of Halloween night and beyond.

The next thing I did was to cut out a pattern for the wings, you can really get creative here and cut whatever wing shape you want out of the final white felt piece. Just make sure you have two of the same kind. I then took my two white felt pieces cut into the shape of wings and sewed them to the back of the sleeves and down the back side of the onesie.

I then took my big googlie eyes and hot glued them onto the front of the white baby hat.

And there you have it, a Halloween costume fit for a Harry Potter fanatic!


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