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30 Day Gratitude Challenge: Welcome to Week One *giveaway*

Grab your journal and an open heart and invite the beautiful power of gratitude to take charge in your life.

The prompts below will tell you what you should do each day of this week!

Make sure to read through to the bottom of this post to find out about the giveaway😊

Week One

  1. Write 10 things you are grateful for!
  2. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones. Every time you think of a worse case scenario through out the day, turn it around and think of 3 good ways it will turn out. Training your brain like this will cause you to start automatically think more positively!
  3. Write for 2 minutes and come up with every possible thing you have to be grateful for. Use the stopwatch on your phone or another timing device.
  4. Sit (in silence, if possible) and practice sincerely FEELING grateful. Focus on your heart and your feelings and less on your thoughts.
  5. Write a list of accomplishments and then think and say thank you to the person or thing that made it possible.
  6. Who are you most thankful for? Write a letter telling them! It’s up to your whether you give it to them or not!
  7. Take a walk, look around and see everything you have to be thankful for.

The feeling you have when doing these practices is what matters the most. However you’ll get better with time and start to feel more grateful because that’s how practicing gratitude work. The more work you put into feeling grateful the more you will start automatically feeling it all the time.

For the first prompt above I like to write my gratitude list in the format below. Thanking someone or something allows you to feel more grateful. Customize how you write your list in a way that allows YOU to feel the most grateful.

1. Thank you God for my beautiful boys, they have taught me so much about love and patience.

2. Thank you God for the home I live in, a place to keep my family safe and warm.



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This giveaway is in no way sponsored and is just a way for us to say thank you for joining us! The winner will be announced on the 30th of November!

Check in with us through out the week to tell us how your gratitude challenge is going!!