Acts of Kindness

A little Magic Monday Kindness 

It’s that time again, Kindness Monday. We at Kindness Curated firmly believe that a chain of kind acts can really impact the world. This is why we are doing weekly acts of kindness, in hopes that it starts a chain reaction of kindness. We invite you all to join us in these acts so together we can change the world!

This week we decided to spread some cheer to our mail carriers and left them a thank you note and a gift card. I went with a Starbucks gift card so that my carrier could treat themselves to a hot cup of coffee or cold seeing as this October’s weather has been a little unpredictable. Corinne went with a Wal Mart gift card as she thought it suited her particular mail carrier better. This way her carrier can get some essential items she may need.

Our hopes is that these small acts of kindness will have a huge affect on people and spread like wildfire. Let us know if you felt some inspiration from our Monday act of Kindness and in what ways are you changing the world today?