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A Little Magic Monday Kindness: Getting Kids Involved

Kindness Monday

It’s that time again, Kindness Monday! We at Kindness Curated truly believe a little kindness has the power to change the world. That’s why it’s so important to teach the power of kindness to your children. Getting kids involved in random acts of kindness will show them that not only does a good deed make the recipient happy but it brings a lot of joy to your life as well! Being kind and making a point to show respect, compassion and kindness when you are out and about, is a great place to start. Children learn by example so make sure you are paying attention to the example you are giving them! Turn everyday moments into teaching moments for your children to learn about kindness!

For the most part though, children are inherently kind. It’s us adults that need some more practice at it!

Willingness to Give

The other afternoon, exhausted after picking up the same toy twenty million times. The same toy that wasn’t even played with. It was just taken out of the toy box and strewn around the floor with all the other toys that had not really been played with. I decided something had to be done! I recently became the nursery attendant at our church and soon realized most of the toys that were there had been there even before I attended the nursery as a baby! While some of the toys were still in good shape (they just needed a good cleaning) others really needed to be removed.

Looking around at all the barely used, awesome toys we had laying around. I decided to ask Parker if we could donate some of his toys to the church! Normally he is very protective over his stuff, so I braced myself for some toddler tears and a negative answer! However I was pleasantly surprised (and super proud😭☺️) when Parker said, “Yeah mommy!, then everyone can play with me toys!” So we happily gathered up A LOT of toys and took them to their new home!

How You Can Help

I encourage you to look around! Does your house feel overwhelmed by toys?! How about teaching our children that we don’t need a bunch of stuff, that’s not what makes our hearts happy, teach them to give some of their stuff to someone who may need it more! That is what will make your heart happy!

I like the idea of being able to take care of an overwhelming toy situation and give to those who need it more! Consider donating your toys to a local church or shelter! Just make sure you ask before you show up with your pile of toys! Some places will take them and others will not. But I promised you some child some where will be happy to play with all of those toys!

Please be mindful that you should only donate toys that are still in new or good condition! When I was going through all of our toys, I decided to downsize a lot! But I made sure to separate things into piles, what I was giving to the church nursery, what I was taking to the Goodwill and what just needed to be thrown away!

This is a great way to organize and get rid of a lot of excess stuff you may have laying around, not just toys but baby items as well (we donated our baby swing a little while ago and it’s been so helpful in the nursery!), and things out of your own closet as well.

I feel like it’s easy to get weighed down by SO much stuff! Donating is a great way to help someone in need and it’s a great way to make your life feel lighter and happier!

Have a great week and go:

“Sprinkle kindness around like confetti!”

💖 Corinne