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A quick and easy solution to low milk supply

When milk flow is a no go:

So I’m no expert when it comes to milk production while being a breastfeeding momma. Believe me when I say I have struggled, hard! Scared Laikynn will wake up starving while I’m sitting here with empty feeding sources. One day, however, on one of my many Target trips I stumbled on some little fabulous packets called UpSpring Milkflow. Curious, I read the box, which stated you could put them in hot or cold milk (ew!) but also in smoothies. So of course in good ole impulse buying, Target fashion, I grabbed a box. I took them home and plopped one in a peanut butter and banana smoothie. I got the chocolate flavor, so I slurped down my delicious chocolate peanut butter banana smoothie, and bam a while later I’m full and Laikynn is a happy camper. So I was thinking of other ways to use these life saving packets of chocolaty goodness. I did try mixing it with cold almond milk, however, I found it didn’t mix very well and was left with chunks of powder. Then one morning I thought maybe I could spruce up my steel cut oats (since I’m always trying to find a way to make those things taste better) and BAM! Killed two birds with one stone. Delicious chocolate oats! So for those mommies struggling with milk production, you are not alone, and there are chocolaty good treats that can save the day!



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