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DIY: Gratitude Dry Erase Board with Free Printables

In honor of our Gratitude Challenge this month we made a Gratitude dry erase board.  We felt this was something the whole family could get involved with.  This board is something we can display in our home and remind us what we have to be grateful for.  The dry erase feature lets us change it from time to time, or even everyday.  It’s great for children as well, they can write on their own boards what they are grateful for each day.


For this DIY we used:

  • 1 Picture Frame
  • 1 Printable
  • Dry Erase Markers


This DIY is so cute and simple. To make it easier we are offering the printables here and here for you to print off and stick in a frame of your choice. Then all you have to do is write what you are grateful for on the glass of the frame, erase and start all over again.


We hope you enjoying the gratitude challenge and can use this DIY to incorporate gratitude into your everyday life.


~ Sarah