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DIY: Paint + Etch Pumpkins

Happy Fall! That time of year is here again when you get to wear sweaters, have bonfires, and decorate with pumpkins! Now there is the usual pumpkin carving, but this year we decided to do something a little different. We took the kids to the local farmers market down the road and let them help us pick out a few pumpkins. We also left some love letters which you can read more about here.

When we got the pumpkins home we started our decorating festivities! For this year’s pumpkins we used paint. I will share with you how I went about decorating my pumpkins.

The list of items I used to decorate were:

  • Two pumpkins
  • Spray paint (white and brown)
  • Carving tools

For my first look I sprayed my entire pumpkin white. Then I let it sit out to dry completely. The next part is where your creativity comes into play. I decided to do some dandelion type flowers on my pumpkin, but you could really do any scene that pleases your heart. I took my carving tools (which happened to be some fix a flat tire tools my husband had in the garage) and I dug out a circle along with some petals all around the edge of the circle. I then dug a long stem.

I did these flowers all around the pumpkin, some shorter some longer. You don’t want to dig all the way through the pumpkin, just enough to let the orange peep through. That’s it, so simple yet such a fresh new way to spruce those pumpkins up!

My second pumpkin I spray painted a metallic brown. After it dried I drew an S on it for our family’s name and carved the S out; again just enough to let the orange peek through.

This one is short and sweet but these two pumpkins together give our front porch just the fall touch it needed.

What ways do you decorate your fall pumpkins?