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DIY Succulent Pumpkin Arrangements: 3 Ways

I recently got married back in September and I used succulents in these beautiful terrariums from Target. as my center pieces. Although I love them, I don’t really have the space to display them all nicely in my home. So I thought what better way than to reuse the succulents in this awesome DIY succulent pumpkin arrangement!

Beautiful Succulent Terrarium Center Pieces for a Wedding

This project was so easy and turns out so cute! Perfect for kids and adults to make their own succulent arrangements! How fun would it be to have a succulent pumpkin making party!

The thing I love most about succulents is that they’re very hearty, easy to rearrange and relatively inexpensive. So you can purchase one or two succulents and grow new ones from the original plants to have a larger quantity.

For my pumpkin arrangement I chose a smaller sized pumpkin but you are free to choose whatever size you’d like. Just make sure you have enough succulents and fillings to fill in the whole arrangement without gaps.

I’m going to show you three different versions, starting with the simplest first.

Cute Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement

I completed the first version in under 20 minutes. So it’s super easy!

1. Cut the top off your pumpkin, then scoop out all the insides, really good!

2. Fill your empty pumpkin half full of sand or potting soil.

3. Pick out your succulents, take them out of their original containers and shake off some of the excess dirt but not all of it.

4. Arrange your succulents how you want them to look in your pumpkin and then you can fill in the gaps with little rocks, moss or even small trinkets! You decide 😊

I think the arrangement looks absolutely adorable just how it is. If you like the look, you can stop right there!

However, I decided to paint my pumpkin white and paint a little face on it as if the succulents were it’s hair! Half way through the process though, I decided I would share how it looked painted all white!

Adorable and Chic Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement.

This is the second version and I think it looks super chic! So you may decide to stop at this step and it will still look great!

Adorable and Chic Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement I used this white, acrylic paint from Hand Made Modern, in a satin finish! I really love this brand and have used it for many projects. You can purchase it at target, but any brand of paint will do!

However, I will make the suggestion that if you know that you want to paint your pumpkin and that you’re not going to keep it in its natural state, I would recommend painting your pumpkin first and letting it dry before arranging your succulents in it. When using paint you will probably have to do 2-3 coats. However if you want a quicker process, white spray paint will work just as well and give you a smoother finish.

Cute Little Face Painted on a Succulent Pumpkin Arrangement<< . For the third version, this is where all the fun happens! You can choose to paint whatever you'd like on your pumpkin! This is really fun for kids (and kids at heart) to customize their pumpkins! I decided to paint a cute little ladies face on mine. ..

I’d love for you to share with us what pumpkins your making this season in the comments below!!

So much Fall fun!