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Happy Halloween: Skull Meat and Cheese Party Tray

Happy Halloween!! The day where everyone gets to dress up and be anything they want to be. As you all know my little one will be dressing up as Hedwig from Harry Potter. We will have a full family photo of all our Harry Potter costumes come tomorrow. So much fun! In honor of this spooky day I would like to share with you all the dish I am taking to the office Halloween party. There is a prize involved so let’s hope it’s a win! If not, it was fun making this spooky treat!

I used these ingredients:
• ½ pound of black forest ham deli meat
• ½ pound of honey ham deli meat
• 1 pound of turkey deli meat
• 2 packs of prosciutto
• 1 cheese ball
• ½ pound of provolone
• ½ pound of Colby jack
• 1 plastic skull head decoration

I took the prosciutto and wrapped it all around the skull head decoration (washed and dried of course) and this makes up the spooky part to our dish. Then I rolled the other deli meats and placed them on a tray in front of the skull head. I laid the cheeses next to the meat and then laid the cheese ball on the plate as well. I think it turned out pretty well for a quick and easy Halloween party tray! Let’s go for the win!

Have a Happy Halloween