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Kids Fall/Winter Capsule Collection: Tips + Tricks for A Smoother Morning Routine

Tips and tricks for a smoother morning routine…

If you’re a working mom or even a stay at home mom with one or more kids to get out the door early in the morning, you know that every second counts!

Narrowing down wardrobe options and planning ahead can give you a more peaceful morning routine and you might actually be able to enjoy that morning cup of coffee sitting down! (If you end up saving 5 minutes or more you can incorporate these into your morning routine for a boost of happiness ☺️)

I’m going to share how I created a capsule collection for my two boys and you can customize it to fit your families needs.

By getting rid of excess clothes, it limits the amount of time it takes to find a matching outfit and creates less laundry to do.

Kids capsule collections are a little different than adults. One reason being that kids get messier and therefore need enough outfits as there are days in the week plus extras for the occasional accident and mess.

First I went through the boys closet and got rid of anything that was too small or too messy for our youngest boy to wear. Then I went through and separated everything by season. Shorts and short sleeves in one pile and long sleeves and pants in the next. Next I got rid of all the excess things that I knew the boys would just never wear. You know what I’m talking about, the ugly sweater your Great aunt Bernice, who you’ve only met twice got the kids or the huge pile of hand me downs a nice friend got you and you felt like you couldn’t say no. (BTW I’m not saying anything against hand me downs! I love me some hand me downs but they aren’t doing any good in your kids closet if they never wear them. They are better off being donated or given away so that someone else can use them)

I literally eliminated everything down to the bare bones and basics. And if you really wanted you could just get rid of everything and start from scratch! This is what I would keep or purchase for a perfect kids capsule closet.

For Fall and Winter

7 long sleeve t-shirts

7 long pants

A light jacket or zip up hoodie for cooler days

A heavy coat for colder winter days

Obviously enough socks and underwear to last your kid all week.

Here are some of the same and very similar shirts that I purchased from Target for Parker and Radley:

1.Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder 2.Be Thankful 3. A World of Discovery Awaits 4. Together We Can do Anything #Familygoals 5. Find Your Courage 6. Attitude is Everything 7. Space

I say 7 because that is 5 outfits for the week at daycare (or school) plus 2 for accidents and messes. This capsule wardrobe will cover you for the week and make it super simple for you to grab an outfit and get your child out the door!

In addition to your seven weekday outfits, there will be times that your children are gifted clothing (birthdays and holidays) or you purchase additional special outfits. Keep your favorites for the weekends, going to church, special occasions, picture day etc. but keep in mind that you do not have to keep every single outfit that you are gifted. Keeping the closet clear of excess clothes and clutter will make your life so much simpler! Remember when I said less laundry!!😉

How I organize the boys closet and save even more time…

Hanging Shelf Organizer I purchased a hanging clothes organizer that has six slots, where every weekend I take the time to put an outfit for Parker and an outfit for Radley in each of the slots. Keeping in mind the upcoming weather and what we have going on for the week so that I can add extra items that may be needed for certain days. Typically though there is just one long sleeve shirt and pair of pants per child. As well as underwear and socks. Two extra outfits can be placed in your child’s bag and taken to daycare/school at the beginning of the week (if applicable)

To limit clutter, mess and time doing laundry, I make sure that as soon as the clothes come off the boys, they go straight into the hamper. And since I have clothing laid out for the rest of the week, I typically only do one or two loads of laundry on the weekend for the boys to get us ready for the new week ahead.

This organization and routine has really helped make the process smoother and more enjoyable! Happy Mom = Happy Kids/Happy Kids = Happy Mom☺️


All the clothes you end up getting rid of, you can either donate them to children in need at a local shelter or your local Goodwill.

There is also always the option of taking them to a local consignment shop or using an app like Poshmark to make a few extra dollars.

What tips and tricks do you have to create a smoother routine?