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Learning to let go of expectations: what a failed DIY can teach you about life

Learning to let go of expectations and just enjoy the process…

We’ve all been let down before. You had the picture perfect idea of how something was going to go. Or in my case you had a brilliant idea of how beautiful your DIY pumpkin was going to turn out😂 bear with me here lol I realize it may sound a little silly but this DIY fail reiterated a message that I continue to need to hear.

I had it all planned out. The most beautiful galaxy themed, no carve pumpkin! The colors were bright and beautiful. Notice in the photo below:

Pumpkin painted with black spray paint, with bright colors dripping off of it

Well for some reason when it dried, it dried completely black! I could have been upset and just thrown away the botched pumpkin and given up on writing this awesome DIY post that I had planned. But there is a lesson to be learned.

Black Painted PumpkinsI had a lot of fun making this pumpkin! I enjoyed watching all the beautiful colors swirl together. I found joy in the process. The results were lackluster but it didn’t matter. I would do it again! Because I was able to let go of my expectations and embrace the results.

Black and Swirled Galaxy Pumpkin DIY I think in life we get way to caught up on the destination that we miss out on the journey. Don’t miss out on the journey! Because the journey may end up being the best part!! The destination/result could end up being a little lackluster and you may have wasted an opportunity to slow down, be mindful and really embrace and enjoy the process that leads you to the end result.

Fall Scene with a Black and Swirled Galaxy Pumpkin DIY.

But no matter what life throws at you, you can make something beautiful out of it! My project may not have turned out to be the prettiest or what I pictured in my mind but my three year old LOVES the pumpkins and thinks they are “awesome” and that’s pretty beautiful to me!