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Oh What Fun We Had!! A very Harry Halloween

So, if you liked the baby Hedwig costume you’re really in for a treat when you see the whole Harry Potter bunch all dressed up for last night’s festivities.  The whole family dressed up as Parker had instructed us to. Of course Parker was Harry, and oh what a cute Harry he made. He ran around all night casting spells on everyone. Including his brother, Radley, who was a mandrake.  Now this mandrake was like no mandrake I have ever seen. He didn’t scream or frown at any point last night. This happy mandrake was the cutest mandrake ever. Then of course, baby Hedwig made her debut and was the cutest white owl, if I do say so myself. These three definitely stole the show.

However, we had some other characters last night that really played their part well. With Corinne as Hermione, or Hermommy as Parker likes to say💖 We had Ron played by Keith, who studied his character well and really let his Ron shine through.  Boo Boo (our mother, the kids call Boo Boo) was a marvelous Hagrid and Harry’s best friend. Parker had entrusted me with Professor Umbridge, which was nice since I got to be the pop of color in an otherwise dark and scary crowd. Even if I am the mean one in the story. Last but not least is Kyle, or uncle Kackle, who played Professor Snape, and oh what a creepy Snape he was.

This was our fun and adventurous Halloween night, who knows though, maybe we will dress up as the Harry Potter family from time to time. Parker does loooove Harry Potter.

Who or what did your family dress up as for Halloween?