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5 Scriptures to Turn to when dealing with Anxiety and Stress.

So this post is where I’m going to go a little out of my comfort zone and open up to you all about the one thing that I struggle with regularly. Anxiety. Some go through life carefree without a worry in the world, and then there are others of us that have this unwelcome guest in our heads that worries us on a daily basis. For me I have always struggled with anxiety when it came to certain things. Making up the worst-case scenarios in my head, and allowing people who have hurt me in some sort of way consume my thoughts for the whole day. When motherhood set in these anxieties amplified quite a bit. This my friends is when I decided that I cannot let anxiety run my life. I refuse to let my daughter feel my anxiety and have the cycle repeat itself with her.

How you ask? The only way of course; give it all over to God. I pray for peace every day. I read scripture and daily devotion and this allows me to reach a calm that really helps me relax and feel at peace. Here are five of my favorite scriptures to turn to when I’m feeling the least bit anxious. Hopefully you can find peace in these readings as well.

This one I absolutely love! I was struggling with a situation that was causing me some pretty severe anxiety. I was walking through a store when I came across this decorative plate that literally had this scripture written on it. As I read the scripture, I was in awe that the Lord is so powerful to send this to me in the exact moment that I had needed it most. God is good! This verse literally says do not be anxious about anything, give it all over to the Lord and you shall feel peace.

Some days we just feel like we have so much on our plates. Not always physically like work or chores, but also emotionally. It gets exhausting carrying around so much on our minds that we can wear ourselves out. This is never good as we want to set great examples for our children and be there for them emotionally as well as physically. This verse literally tells you if you are tired, give it all over to God.

The lord is there for you when you have these moments in life where it seems like there is no hope. Turn to him when you are feeling anxious and worried and seek in him the comfort you are looking for.

The thing is the Lord already knows what plans he has in store for us. So when we are worried and anxious we are the ones standing in the way of our own destiny. We just need to pray and give our worries up to the Lord so that the plans he has in place for us can come to pass. Seek him in your darkest moments and find peace.

Always remember that the Lord our God is the almighty and can endure all things. Our anxieties are so small compared to the wonderful things he can do for us if we just let him.

What are some of your favorite scriptures you turn to when you’re feeling anxious?