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Cute Cat & Jack Baby Outfit: What Dreams Are Made Of

I was cleaning out my purse the other day and came across the coupons I had gotten with all of the goodies when I had signed up for my Target baby registry. I had “misplaced” them in my purse since I now carry around a diaper bag the majority of the time. I was that mom at first that tried to carry her purse and the diaper bag….. yea gave that up right away. However, on the days I go to the office without Laikynn I tend to take my purse. So again, I found this coupon for 20% a Cat and Jack outfit from Target.

So, off to Target I go….. I was looking at all of the Cat and Jack outfits and found she had most of them. I was debating getting a duplicate at a larger size, but then I came across this magical outfit. I couldn’t contain my joy as I grabbed it off the rack and showed Corinne ( who is my Target partner in crime). She gave me the “oh yea” look and I put it in the Cart. I mean I was getting 20% off and all, it was quite the bargain.


This outfit is an adorable one piece made of sparkly sweater like material. To add to the magical sparkles, the hood is complete with a mane, ears, and yes…. A Unicorn horn. UGH! My heart. I mean this thing is adorable.

I put Laikynn in her Unicorn outfit, and let me say… She makes one adorable Unicorn.

~ Sarah

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