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Friday Favorites

Well hello Friday! It’s funny how I used to look so forward to Friday, and now that I’m a SAHM I’m lucky if I even know it is Friday. For all of you who Friday begins your weekend though, kick back and relax because Friday it is! We hope you have enjoyed your week as much as we have. Wanted to go through some of our favorite things from this week.


Frist, Kyle Laikynn and I took a trip to Smith Mountain Lake so that Laikynn could meet another one of her uncles and cousins and spend some time with the rest of the family.  The lake was beautiful and Laikynn felt so relaxed she actually took some pretty good naps!

On Sunday we made it home just in time to take watch our town’s Christmas Parade. Laikynn loved watching all of the participants. She didn’t even cry when the sirens went off from the firetrucks.  We got more candy from the parade, and other gifts too, then we did during Halloween! Of course mommy, daddy and Boo Boo (that’s what my mom is called) are the ones who ate the candy! We really loved the POW MIA truck that drove in the parade. We are a family that supports our troops, as Kyle was an Army Ranger. We also loved the old steam engine.


We did a little Christmas Shopping on Wednesday and during our shopping we got Laikynn’s picture taken with Santa.  It was spur of the moment so I bought a quick Christmas onsie and some black pants. Santa totally thought Laikynn was a boy as he asked if she wanted a big F250 and kept calling her “him.” But it was okay because she loved sitting in his lap. She was so content.


I didn’t get a picture so this one’s via Stefano Versace Gelato

While shopping we also stopped at Stefano Versace Gelato and ate some of their amazing gelato.  The look of it caught my eye and I just couldn’t resist. So, I talked Kyle into getting some with me.  So delicious, if you are ever near one definitely indulge!


I have also been thoroughly enjoying doing the 12 days of Beauty Advent Calendar from Target, you can catch day one here and day two here! Keep checking back to see how the rest of the calendar pans out!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!