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Friday Favorites

Corinne and I spend a lot of time together as SAHM’s and bloggers and we do a lot of great things in that time spent.  We have decided to share our weekly favorites with you in our new Friday Favorites! This will include things we have done as well as other blogs we have shared with one another that have caught our attention! We hope you enjoy our favorites as much as we have!

Clearbrook Park Winter Wonderland

One of the local parks in our area puts on a Winter Wonderland where they fill the entire park full of lights.  We do this on a yearly basis since Corinne has had her little ones. I always enjoyed seeing Parker and Radley’s faces light up when they saw the lights. However, this year was extra special as we took Laikynn to see her first Christmas lights! She absolutely loved them.

Donating to the Rescue Mission

This week we cleared Laikynn’s closet of clothes she had outgrown.  We decided to take it to the rescue mission in town. We thoroughly enjoy being able to help when and where we can.  You can read more about it here!

Kiwano Fruit

Corinne and I were at Martins and decided that we would like to try some of the tropical fruits they always have available. We saw this spikey orange fruit and were very intrigued.  We found that it was called a Kiwano Melon Fruit and decided to give it a whirl. While we were unsure at first if we absolutely loved the fruit, it did get better as we continued to eat it. We read up on the health benefits from healthy food tribe and decided these would be great for smoothies! The experience of trying something new though was what we truly enjoyed!

Advent Calendars

It’s that time of year again for the Advent Calendar. There are so many ways now to do the advent calendar, we have picked out a few of our favorites though. This one from Oh Happy Day, this one from A Beautiful Mess, and this one from Lovely Indeed.

We hope you have enjoyed some of our favorites from the week! Happy December everyone! 😊<<<<<<<<<