Acts of Kindness

Magic Monday Kindness : Donating for a Cause

Happy Monday everyone! Today we decided to support the mission in our home town.  The Rescue Mission opened up in 1960 when a need was seen to help the homeless in the town.  They give three meals a day and provides shelter for men who would otherwise not have a place to stay.  The mission has a store where people can donate items that they can sell and raise money to support their cause.

Laikynn was blessed with many articles of clothing when she was born.  Unfortunately many of the items she outgrew before she could even wear them.  We had a closet full of beautiful clothes that I decided to go through. I kept some in a tub in case at some point in time we would be blessed with another little girl.  The others we bagged up and took them to the rescue mission store so that someone may benefit from the sale.

The other way this helps out is that people who may not be able to afford clothing from clothing stores, they will get these items from second hand shops such as the rescue mission.  These clothes were barely worn so some little one will receive some almost brand-new clothing for less money.  We enjoy doing this other than throwing the clothes out or selling them at a yard sale. This way multiple people can benefit from the clothes that Laikynn grew out of.

We hope your Monday was as magical as ours!