Acts of Kindness

Magic Monday Kindness: Self Improvement *free printable*

Welcome to the first Magic Monday Kindness of the year! We are so excited for what we have in store for you!

Since it’s the new year many of us will have resolutions to lose weight and save money and while setting goals is really important we want to focus on another kind of self improvement.

That’s what this Magic Kindness Monday is all about! When you become a better individual you can give more love and joy to the world. So don’t discount acts of self love and improvement because they are some times the most important random acts of kindness.

We’ve set a goal to really focus on being kinder and more loving individuals. Not just once a week, but every day. We want to start off our mornings bringing love and kindness into our hearts and minds. That way when things start to get a little rough through out the day, we will be prepared to react in a more loving way.

This year Sarah and I will be starting our day with the prayer above and we encourage you to join in with us! You can print it off here and hang it somewhere you’ll see it everyday! Or choose a different prayer or mantra that will help you start each day in kindness!

“Dear Lord, work in me today, soften my heart, make my thoughts kinder and more loving. Shape me to be more thoughtful, like you. Teach me to bring my judgements and frustrations automatically to you, so that I can live a more joyful and carefree life. Where I can show others your light and love. Amen!”