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Magic Monday Kindness: Spreading Christmas Cheer *FREE PRINTABLE*

Welcome back for another addition of Magic Monday Kindness! Every Monday we try to do something to spread a little kindness, because here are Kindness Curated, we know that a little kindness can go a long way!

On this Monday we’re going to be taking about a simple, inexpensive but practical gift that is a perfect way to spread some kindness and holiday cheer! I always find myself wanting to be able to gift everyone in my life something, especially during the holidays. However all of us have to abide by some sort of budget. So it’s not always possible to buy everyone a personalized gift. The simple gift below is perfect to give to neighbors or as a teacher’s gift or to all the special people in your life that aren’t necessarily on your holiday shopping list. I’d like to give credit to Its Always Craft Time, where I originally got the idea from but just changed it up a bit by adding a little goodie bag.

We personally used ours as teacher gifts to give to all the teachers that help out in Parker’s classroom. I let Parker pick out some wrapping paper for all his teachers and then we added a little tag that says “Since November, you’ve been shopping. Barely sleeping, hardly stopping.
If you find its getting late and you’re out of paper or out of tape. I hope this wrap helps along the way and that you have a happy holiday!
” and a little goodie bag. Each of the goodie bags contained a thing of tape, a pair of decorative scissors(not included in the price, I had a pack of them laying around that I never used), decorative gift tags, a really cool glitter pen, and some peppermint bark (cause yum!). And the total for each gift was only $2.60! A perfect way to give a little something to someone you may normally just give a card to!

Click here for the free printable!

💖 Corinne