Acts of Kindness

Magic Monday Kindness: Warm Up America

Welcome to the first Magic Monday Kindness on the new and improved Kindness Curated!  We are looking forward to some amazing Random Acts of Kindness this year! We hope you have read the post about our Kindness Resolution Challenge for this month, click here if you would like to check it out.

Warm Up America

When we were coming up with some of the Random Acts of Kindness we were looking forward to this year we came across a charity called Warm up America.  Warm up America is a foundation that asks people such as you and I to create knitted or crocheted projects to donate.  They take these donations and distribute them to people in need. Some of the items you can knit are afghans, hats, scarves, and 7”x 9” squares.  You can learn more about this foundation here.

Now, neither Corinne nor I have ever knitted before in our lives. I have always wanted to and have really been interested in creating here recently.  So, I told Corinne I would learn how to knit and would knit a 7”x 9” square to donate to Warm up America.  I love the concept of knitting the square because once the square is donated, Warm up America will gather my square along with other squares that have been donated and sew them together to make afghans to be distributed to people in need. It warms my heart knowing that the square that I knit will be placed with other squares and made into something to help another person.

I was nervous of course that I would be unable to knit the square since I have never done so in my entire life.  So, I took to pinterest, google, and youtube! At last I found a youtube channel called Good Knit Kisses.  I had looked at a couple other videos but when I came across Kristen’s Good Knit Kisses videos on how to knit I caught on right away.  Her videos were so easy to follow that I was knitting that night.

I was so excited when I finished my knitted square! I can’t wait to continue my knitting and from time to time I plan to knit more squares to send to Warm up America, and when I get really good……a whole afghan!

If this has inspired you in anyway and you feel like knitting a square please let us know by posting a picture to your Facebook or Instagram account and #kindesscurated  #KRC2018. These hashtags will get you an entry into our Kindness Resolution Challenge Giveaway!


Much love!