Acts of Kindness

Magic Monday Kindness: Coloring for Kindness! *Free Printables*

Happy Magic Monday Kindness!!

One great way to spread kindness is to instill it into our children early on in life.  Our act of kindness this week is to take the time to teach our children kindness through coloring. Not only is it educational, it’s fun and engaging for you and your child.  Enjoy this weeks Magic Monday Kindness act!

Coloring for Kindness

We as mothers are always looking for new and exciting activities to do with our children.  While there are so many activity ideas out there right now, we also feel like sometimes it’s good to just get back to the basics.  There is something therapeutic about just sitting out with a coloring book, some kind of coloring media, and just coloring. I mean there are literally coloring books out there for adults now for this reason. For instance this Clouds in a Teacup coloring book. At Kindness Curated we have come up with a way for your little ones to enjoy a relaxing coloring activity all while teaching them kindness.

Engage with your little ones while doing this coloring activity. Start the experience with a question such as, “What does kindness mean to you?”  You will probably be surprised with the answers you will get, engaging in conversation like this is all part of growing with you child.  The coloring pages are just a tool to get your child interested in learning about kindness.   Read to them the kindness sayings on each coloring page.

We have come up with a sort of lesson plan for the coloring pages. Follow if you see fit or just use as inspiration to set up your own kindness lesson.


Plant Kindness and Watch it Grow:


Show your little one the coloring page with the flower.  Ask, where do Flowers come from? Listen to all of the wonderful answers their little imaginations come up with.  Say, flowers come from little seeds that are planted in soil.  These flowers will not grow unless they are taken care of with sunshine and water.  Then explain to them that kindness is much like the flower.  When we are kind to others we are planting a kindness seed, we water that seed by continuing to be kind to others.  We can watch our kindness grow when we see how happy we make others.  Kindness can then grow like wildflowers, which multiply, because your friends who see you being kind to them will feel the need to be kind to their other friends.  Your kindness seed is capable of starting a whole garden of kind! Allow your little one to color the page.


Let your Kindness Shine:

Give the Let your Kindness Shine coloring page to your child, ask them what causes the stars to shine? Again, take pride in the answers they come up with.  Explain to them that stars are full of elements that radiate light due to the high pressures and temperatures.  Tell them that kindness is like the elements in the stars that is deep down inside of us.  Tell them that when they come into situations where they could get upset, high pressure, that instead let their kindness shine through.  Turning a bad situation into good, because when they feel good it will shine out of them just like with the stars.  Let them color the pages.


Give Kindness to All of God’s Creatures

Give the Give Kindness to All of God’s Creatures coloring page, and ask if they feel that their animals are their friends?  Explain to them that all animals and people were created by God, and that he expects us to be kind to all of his creations.  Tell them how there are many different ways to be kind to all of the animals.  That they don’t just need to pet them to be nice.  They can keep the environment clean, which in turn will keep all of the animal’s homes a safe place for them to live.  Let them color the page.


Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Give your little one the rainbow coloring page.  Ask them if they believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Again, let their imaginations run wild with this one.  Explain that this is a story told for many years where there are lucky pots of gold at the end of each rainbow.  Tell them that when they have spent their day being kind it’s like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Their happiness is that pot of gold, and a life of happiness is one lucky life to live.  Let them color the page.


We hope this activity opens up a great conversation with your little one about living a life of kindness.  It is our belief that introducing kindness early and often will instill kindness in your child’s character for life.

Here are the links to each of the coloring pages, enjoy these as many times as you would like with your children.

Plant Kindess+Watch it grow
Let your Kindness Shine:
Be Kind to all of Gods Creatures
Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow